ERP Software

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution integrates key business and management functions, particularly in the manufacturing, finance and human resource areas, to provide a high-level view of everything that's going on in the company.

The ERP Software has vast features and many integrated modules that include stores, inventory, payroll, billing and accounting.

The main benefit of using our software is the fact that it was developed based on specific Romanian legislation.

ERP software is divided into different interlinked modules, which does away with the necessity of maintaining different packages for different functions, such as: Stores / Inventory, Manufacturing, Human resources / Payroll, Accounting, Sales and distribution, Purchasing, Finance etc.

Store and Inventory - supports inventory management, including the ability to store and issue stock in response to changing demands, track movement of stock in real time, and automatically replenish stock as needed.

Accounting - is a powerful potent solution, which handles the critical issues of accountancy. Accounting Module allows the user to carry out the entire financial transactions. It is a powerful solution that can be worked out in an optimum period. It keeps tabs on every transaction and generates reports that simplify the financial aspect of business management.

Payroll - provides Employee's detailed information, calculates employee wages according to their presence days, calculates employees periodic Bonus. This module makes critical wage calculations easy and gives precise information as per the requirement. It helps management to judge most favourable use of human resource by generating various reports.

Personnel Management - defining organization setup i.e. dept. categories grades, and positions. Maintain complete employees information such as personnel details, family details, qualification, previous experience details, all training details such as requirements, faculty, equipment etc.

Fixed Assets - The system calculates the depreciation of fixed assets, according to the accounting procedure suitable for the user; whether it is the fixed instalment procedure, declining instalment procedure or number of years. On the other hand, the system follows up matters related to maintenance and insurance contracts for each asset, in addition to providing various reports that follow up necessary data in an easy manner.

Purchasing - An automatic system through which internal and external purchases, invoices and purchase statements are controlled and followed up. It shows the status of the Purchasing Department, the costs and expenditures on all purchasing orders and the status of suppliers.

Manufacturing - is an integrated ERP and control solution for a variety of types of manufacturing processes (including discrete, repetitive, project-based). This provides functionality for manufacturing planning, execution, and supply chain management. Specific capabilities include purchasing, production control, cost management, order administration etc.

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