ProSecurity E-Enterprise

Advanced security system based on smart cards

Product Description

ProSecurity E-Enterprise is an advanced security system based on smart cards providing protection of electronic information using a proprietary smart card logon solution as well as file system encryption.

The application is compatible on a very large scale of desktops and laptops PC connected on networks and running one of the following operating system: Microsoft Windows 98SE, NT 4.0, 2000 (servers and workstations), Xp. Besides securing the access based on smart cards, the system provides the confidentiality of electronic information stored on hard disk by means of encryption. This allow the existence of protected folders on the computer hard disk that can be accessed only by users that owns smart cards with access rights on these directories. For users without the necessary access rights the files contained by protected folders are invisible.

Encryption/decryption is "on the fly", completely transparent for users, and is done during read/write operation and not on open/close files. For encryption it uses a symmetrical encryption algorithm with variable key length. The encryption key is stored only on the smart card and not on the computer hard disk.

For Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Xp the system is using a replacement of GINA.DLL (Graphical Identification and Authentication DLL) module used be the operating system for user authentication and network logon. The system eliminates the classical sequence of Ctrl+Alt+Del for starting the logon process (which starts as soon as smart card related services do) and has the functionality of lock workstation at card removal detection.

For Windows 98SE operating systems, network logon is done by using a proprietary Smart Card Secure Logon Network Client Provider, provider that allow user authentication only through smart cards. Like Windows NT, 2000,Xp versions, the system has the functionality of lock workstation at card removal detection.

The encryption/decryption operations are done using a proprietary file system filter driver.

Unblocking the system can be done only through the card used for blocking the workstation preventing the unauthorized access at user information.

Beside client application installed on the computers connected on the network, the system contains a card administration module used for performing tasks like card personalization, PIN changing, card administration, computers, cards and encryption key management, card unblocking, card re-personalization, card access rights management etc.

ProSecurity E-Enterprise can be delivered with different hardware configurations: different types of USB or serial smart card readers/writers and different types of memory or microprocessor cards.

On the Romanian market, smart cards are mostly known for their use in communication industry. That is why ProSecurity E-Enterprise creates a niche on Romanian market emphasizing smart card capabilities in information protection domain.

ProSecurity E-Enterprise brings its contribution to work quality improvement by ensuring that only authorized people access specific information with even more responsibility. This fact also improves the process of democratization assuring correct and secure access to specific information.

ProSecurity E-Enterprise is in concordance with European quality standards. Smart cards provided with this product are compatible with ISO 7816, 1, 2, 3 standard and smart card readers/writers are compatible with PC/SC specifications, being certified by Microsoft.

ProSecurity 2003

The recently launched version of the ProSecurity product has the same characteristics as its predecessor and further more the ability to replace the usual PIN authentication with biometric technology (digital fingerprint or iris recognition), fulfilling the four successful years in research and development of smart card based security systems on the Romanian market.

ProSecurity 2003 have been rewarded with the Excellence Award at the sixth edition of the National Exhibition for Evaluation of the Software Production

ProSecurity E-Enterprise has been recognized in 2001 as the best in Romanian market, being rewarded with the Excellence Award at the forth edition of the National Exhibition for Evaluation of the Software Production

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